Thermal Screener | Pre-Calibrated & Pre-Configured | Ready to be used in all applications | Self Contained Kiosk

Getting back to business amid COVID-19​

Reduce the Risk of COVID-19

Keep your business, employees and customers safe by
preventing the spread of COVID-19 in your physical locations
with FDA cleared products.

FDA Recommended Method

EST Systems are regulated by the FDA. Here at ThermalEST,
we are dedicated to bringing our customers a FDA registered
thermal imaging product that anyone can use and operate.

U.S. FDA # available upon request.

The Plug and Play Thermal Screener

Everything you need to get started, no additional hardware, software, or expertise required. Instant screening of Elevated
Skin Temperature (EST). Allows for alerts for persons with a potential fevers. Safe guard your business, employees, and customers.

Allows for quick screening of multiple customers at a time from a distance of 6 to 15 feet. The scan takes less than one
seconds and immediately flags at risk persons.

Keep your business secure and customers feeling safe with ThermalEST!


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Hospitals, Doctor's Offices, Assisted Living
Facilities, Urgent Care Centers


Universities, Colleges, Public and Private
Schools, Daycare Facilities


Shopping Malls, Big Box Stores,
Supermarkets, Retail Stores


Factories, Plants, Warehouses


Showrooms, Service Centers, Dealerships

Constructions Sites

Corporate Parks, Headquarters, Lobbies


Arrives Ready for Set Up

No additional hardware or software required. Comes with everything you need to get started immediately.

6-15' Screening Distance

Screen your customers from six to fifteen feet away.
No need for a dedicated person at the door with a hand held thermometer.

No Set Up Time

Open the box and be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Security Built In

No face detection, personal tracking, or other security concerns to allow for sensitive location placement.

No Internet Required

Our self-contained unit does not require internet connection. Just place the device anywhere and go.

Audio & Visual Alerts

Self container alert system requires no additional hardware for alert. Built in speaker provides audible alert, and built in tablet provides visual alert.

Fever is a common sign of illness

Use of an FDA cleared thermal camera can help your business quickly and efficiently screen patrons for fever.

We are committed to having a
positive impact.

3% of all sales are donated to the American Nurses
Foundation. Learn more about their mission and how to
support below.

Test over 2400 times

Each camera is hand tested over 2400 times to ensure accuracy and quality control from the factory.

Developed in Israel, Assembled in
the USA

Manufactured by a global leader in cutting edge thermal
and active imaging solutions for security, public safety, and

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