Does ThermalEST work on any operating system?

Currently, the ThermalEST app is designed to work exclusively on android and linux.

Why is my temperature lower than the average human

Thermal imaging processes an image based on all the energy emitted off objects in the field of view. This will include a person, hot air from a heater, a computer or a cool gust of wind from an air conditioner. Unlike a thermometer –which measures absolute temperature –a thermal imager will show the temperature in relative terms. As in –what is my temperature relative to the person next to me. To do this we need to establish the baseline temperature, either with a by using three healthy individuals as described in the setup instructions. Once we’ve established that baseline, we the temperature gradient can be measured very accurately.

Why does the temperature change with my target range?

As the person fills more or less of the field of view of the camera (as he comes closer or walks farther away). Since the camera is aggregating all the energy it is receiving in the field of view, the temperature reading will change. The optimal range for a 6.8 millimeter lens on the camera is 2 meters. It can be used effectively up to 5 meters, but it’s important to make sure the temperature of a person is measured at the exact distance that the baseline was established. If your setup is designed to read temperatures of people at 3 meters, for example, make sure that it was calibrated during the setup for
people at that range.

I've set up the camera according to the instructions,
but after an hour the temperature of the same individual shifts?

Although the camera’s steady state takes about 8-10 minutes, it may take another hour or so to truly reach a point where the temperature stops shifting. Due to this, after an hour, it is recommended to check the temperature and recalibrate the threshold accordingly. In addition –the skin temperature of subjects coming in a 6 AM may be different from those coming in 12 PM. Thus the concept of a “normal/healthy” individual has changed and we need to adjust accordingly.

Do people need to remove their glasses?

According to medical professionals, the canthus of the eye is the closest external temperature to internal temperature. So while we know that human skin temperature is lower by 2-3 degrees, the canthus would remain similar to an internal thermometer. But since we are looking for relative temperature and not absolute (i.e–a consistent 1.5 degree elevation in temperature) –it doesn’t matter. The forehead of a feverish individual will still usually be 1.5 degrees above a healthy individual (even if in absolute terms it’s lower than the internal temperature or the canthus).

Can the ThermalEST system be used outside?

Yes. But you need to adjust the ambient temperature in accordance with the outside temperature as it will probably not be the same as inside temperature, and you may need to recalibrate the ambient temperature and the baseline as the day progresses and temperatures change. Also, avoid a field of view which is looking at a street in which vehicles (which are hot objects) could pass through it.

What do I do when there is an extended power outage and the tablet has no charge?

The tablet must be charged for at-least 25 minutes then manually power cycled in order to restore proper function.